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Feb 5, 2015 00:00 · 346 words · 2 minute read vocabulary chrome extension

Almost all of us face the problem of forgetting new words which we learn. Moreover, it is difficult to compile a list of all new words to later reference. Even if we maintain such list, we almost never open it because of lack of time or motivation. To solve this problem, We have developed a chrome extension - Zinger which helps you to learn new words with minimum efforts. For learning new words you don’t have to devote explicit time, you can learn them while you are browsing the web.


The extension keeps a track of all the words which you have looked up on the web. It shows these words periodically in form of flashcards when you are surfing the internet so that you are able to retain these words. The flashcard won’t hinder your browsing experience as they are draggable. An example of a flashcard which is displayed:


To aid you in learning a new word, the extension will also show the context in which you saw a particular word on a website. You can click the “hint” button to see the context of a word.

Word Context

You can flip the card to view meaning of the word.

Word Meaning

Zinger helps you to learn words at your pace. Its word display algorithm won’t irritate you by showing repeated words neither it will intimidate you by throwing a new word every time.

Zinger knows what to show

To view meaning of a particular word you can simply double click on the word.

Word Meaning

If you don’t want Zinger to remind you this word later, you can uncheck the “Show later” box.

If you are unable to select a word by double clicking (maybe it is a link) you can highlight the word using mouse and then click on the Zinger icon next to address bar to view its meaning. You can also lookup a word by entering it manually in this window.

Word Meaning

The frequency of flashcards can be adjusted by the slider in above window.


The extension is free and available on Chrome store. Download Now

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